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Are you Summer-Ready? With profuse sweating in summer, a glass of chilled water can relax you and give you some refreshing energy. Well, there are more to these summer refreshments that you can add to your refrigerator or freezer, right from hydrating chilled juices to healthy fruit salads. The list of summer refreshments is endless. But, to make the most out of these chilled refreshments, you need to be summer-ready with the best refrigerator. It's time to grab the best Samsung refrigerators in India because your kitchen also needs a modern and efficient companion. 

Moreover, eating healthy fruits and veggies is the need of the hour. Let us not forget the seasonal variation that brings on changes in food quality due to varying temperatures. Bring home the best Samsung refrigerators for healthy food on-the-go and around the clock. 

Best 9 Samsung Refrigerators in India

Here is a quick reckoner on some of the coolest latest Samsung air conditioners in India which you can opt for. 

Samsung 198L 5-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Paradise Bloom Purple 

Key benefits 

  • 198 L single-door refrigerator from Samsung 
  • Suited for 2-4 people
  • Innovative curved door design offers additional capacity for 6 liters with greater convenience 
  • The premium veg box keeps veggies fresh for up to 15 days 
  • Digital inverter technology helps reduce power consumption, making energy-efficient 
  • Energy efficiency rating 5-star 

Samsung 198L 3-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

Key benefits 

  • Specialized Digi-Touch control panel for better operations with simple and quick touches 
  • Digital inverter technology for energy-efficient manner 
  • Stabilizer-free operation 
  • Toughened and strong glass shelves to store foods and veggies 
  • Energy efficiency rating 3-star 

Samsung 253L 2-star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Elegant Inox 

Key benefits 

  • Comprehensive cooling system for circulation of cool and fresh air 
  • Moist fresh zone to maintain humidity levels for vegetable 
  • Smart connect inverter technology to switch over to energy-saving mode  
  • Energy-saving mode especially in emergency issues such as power cut
  • Energy efficiency rating 2-star 

Samsung 192L 3-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

Key benefits

  • Toughened glass shelves 
  • High storage capacity 
  • Anti-fungal gasket to keep food hygienic 
  • Energy efficiency rating 3-star 

Samsung 314L 3-star Frost Free Double Refrigerator Luxe Black 

Key benefits 

  • 5-in-1 convertible feature 
  • Allows you to choose the appropriate cooling mode for food to maintain healthy food
  • Ideal for a nuclear family of 4 
  • Twin Cooling Plus Technology to maintain the right temperature 
  • Power-free feature to make ice within minutes 
  • Energy efficiency rating 3-star 

Samsung 198L  4-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Pebble Blue 

Key benefits 

  • Fits every modern kitchen with a door design
  • Vegetable box to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels 
  • Digital Inverter Technology ensures 50% less consumption to help save on bills 
  • Energy Efficiency Rating -4 star 

Samsung 253L  2-star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Elegant Inox 

Key benefits 

  • Quick cooling on demand with Powercool, and Power Freeze
  • All round cooling effect to keep air circulating in every corner 
  • Curd Maestro feature for making curd quickly healthy and without hassles 
  • Convertible refrigerator with additional storage 
  • Energy efficiency -2 star 

Samsung 551L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Grey 

Key benefits 

  • Digital inverter technology 
  • Automated compressor speed change to meet refrigeration demands 
  • Cooling Plus feature to maintain the ideal environment for your fruits and veggies 
  • Digital LED display panel to control temperature inside the fridge 
  • Slide and fold shelves to offer a better experience and conserve space

Samsung 579L Frost Free French Door Refrigerator Black Doi 

Key benefits 

  • Twin Cooling Plus technology 
  • Integrated water dispenser for cool hygienic water 
  • Ultimate flexibility to convert the freezer into a refrigerator for better storage 
  • Power Freeze Feature for powerful refrigeration.
  • Energy efficiency rating 5-star 

Wondering which one is the best refrigerator to choose? Well, it's time to reach out to one of the experts at ABM Group who will walk you through various parameters to help you round up the best Samsung refrigerator in India.

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